Rate your landing page (BETA)

To see how you can improve it


Choose the area of your landing page that you want to rate.

Hint: Often, what you see “in screen” on page load is the most important area

1 = Bad
2 = OK
3 = Good

Keeps the scent

Corresponds to the keyword, ad, or previous experience user comes to the site from.

Meets visitors goals

Shows what the visitor is able to do on your site. E.g. "Oh, I can buy shoes here". Answers the "what"


Clarifies the primary USPs with the product/service and answers the "Why". E.g. "What can this thing do for me?", "Is it worth it"

Visibility & readability

Visibility and readability in terms of font, size, line height, color, contrast etc on Image, Text & CTA. Eg: Not light grey text on a grey background, or 10px font-size.

Emotional engagement

Does your copy & imagery increase motivation and/or reduce friction? E.g. loss aversion, temptation, discount, simplicity, social proof etc.


Concise message. The words in the right order = value first. Say what you want to say in as few words as possible

Tone of voice

The landing page speaks your audience/visitor's language.